Fujitsu N7100

New Fujitsu N7100  launched

A4_scan_image_eFujitsu has launched a new network scanner which sets new standards in network scanner image processing. Thanks to its enhanced CPU and GI processor, the Fujitsu N7100 speeds up image processing within the scanning workflow by a factor of ten compared to its predecessor the N1800. This results in a near-instant view of captured documents − without queuing. The new solution scans paper-based information from its input tray at 25 pages per minute (A4, colour, double-sided, 300 dpi / 50 images per minute) and is capable of processing the raw images to high-quality information almost instantly, eliminating the image processing delays which burden many network scanners on the market. This reduces the total time needed to capture information by approximately 50 percent, placing the Fujitsu N7100 at a leading position in its class.

But that’s not all. In addition to massively increased image processing speed, the N7100 offers exciting enhancements for companies of all sizes and government agencies, including:

  • Active feeding system: The new active paper feeding mechanism prevents paper jams and maintains separation between sheets to avoid multiple pages being loaded into the scanner at the same time.
  • Automated PaperStream image enhancement capabilities: The N7100 features the most impressive PaperStream software capabilities found across the Fujitsu fi Series range which are designed for fast, high quality image processing and enhancement.
  • Central Administration Tool: The stand-alone network scanner can be operated without a PC and all N7100 scanners within a company can be monitored and managed by a central administration tool.
  • Intuitive touch screen: The large size touch screen provides easy access to role-specific job profiles for seamless integration with business processes.